We Filmed A Music Video

We Filmed A Music Video

We Filmed A Music Video

We’re proud to share a music video we recently filmed for “LePresident”. This is a great opportunity to tell you our thought process to complete this project. See below for more details.

Making a music video is no easy feat. You could spend days, even weeks, on set filming and editing. Thankfully there are some ways to make the process easier. Here is what we did to be able to keep costs down and work within the allocated time our client had given us.

When it comes to filming, location is everything. If you don’t have the right location, no amount of editing will make it look good. We needed to hear the song first so we can get our own vision, then we talked with our client and brainstormed ideas with his vision and ours to come up with a more complete vision. Now this might not always be the case as the artist or client have their own vision and they do not want any advice but in this case, LePresident asked us for ideas to make this music video more appealing to his audience and have a greater impact.

We made the decision to film in black and white and to have dramatic lighting with a smokey haze in the atmosphere, the next step was to draw up a storyboard so we then had an idea of camera angles and whats going on in the scenes. The location for filming had to be indoors so then we were able to get a smoke machine to create our atmosphere. Our dramatic lighting was created using two lights sources only so we were able to hide the background. We used 3 cameras with various lenses that gave us a total of 30 different video streams, we approached this music video with the idea of keeping the edits simple and the transitions between cameras even simpler due to the fact the music video was going to be about 10 minutes long, the last thing we wanted it to end up was to be a visual rollercoaster ride.

Editing can be a very difficult process and it can be hard to see our work objectively. Once we drafted the first edit we sent it for review, once we received feedback we finalised the music video and post-processed the footage to the desired look we had visioned. When all that was done we got the mastered audio and synced it with the footage to get our final results.

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The language sung is Greek

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